All Things Open – Day Two

Day Two at All Things Open was insane.

Biggest Impact of the Day:

I started the day in the joint keynote between Jessica McKellar and Angie Byron on Diversity in Open Source.  To say it was an eye opener would be an understatement. The Open Source industry only has a female participation rate of about 1.5%. This ridiculous. The community has to create pipelines for women to get into open source software and development. We are missing a huge talent pool.

Emerging Technology:

The Revolution Will Be Containerized! I sat in on a great talk about Docker from Josh Barratt and how it will lead the next revolution. I have used Docker for some time now but it was great to see it gaining even more traction in the community.

Cool, Just Cool:

Computer Vision with Python:

I am huge python fan but even more so now that I have seen how easy it is to use when it comes to computer vision.  Jarrell Waggoner show how to  leverage high-performance libraries such as SciPy, scikit-learn, and OpenCV for important research problems such as feature extraction, face detection, and object recognition and has traditionally been facilitated by proprietary tools such as MATLAB. I loved this talk. I learned so much and was given the knowledge needed to move forward with a  personal project.

Cutting Edge:


Jim Salter gave 2 presentations around ZFS and BTRfs. I missed the first one but I got his slide deck and catch up. On day 2, during the lunch sessions, Jim talked about file system replication using ZFS over rsync. In his demos, even simple replication task where taking half the time of rsysnc. I can not wait to really dive into both ZFS and BTRfs more. Those slides can be found here & here.


All Things Open was an event and I am so excited to see what happens next year.


Written on October 24, 2013