All Things Open 2013 – Review

It was such an honor to be able to attend the inaugural All Things Open conference in Raleigh, North Carolina last week. The event hosted of one of the best panel of speakers I have ever had the opportunity to hear and meet.  Every speaker I had the chance of hearing was great and I learned an enormous amount of information that I am able to bring back to my team at Sabai  and to the community I live in.
Raleigh was the perfect city to host this type of event. Not only is Raleigh home of one of the largest open source companies, Red Hat, but it also is the site of a open source revolution within the city. One of the highlights was Jason Hibbets‘ presentation on Open Source All the Cities and process that Raleigh had to undergo to get to where it is at. Jason has written a book going into even more detail about this transformation and I urge everyone to read it and work together to open source our cities.  Seriously, go read it and come back to this later.
All Things Open had something for everyone. From building a diversity pipeline for a better community to emerging technologies such as Docker and BTRFS. There were so many amazing topics and speakers that is was impossible to see everything. Tough choices had to be made.
I took a lot of information to heart over the last week but a few tidbits  stood out more than anything.
The first is the lack of women in open source software. To quote Whurley‘s keynote on Wednesday, “WFT Open Source?” This is a trend that has to get fixed. The community is missing a huge talent pool and collection of ideas. As a whole the open source community need to focus on diversity. We we diversify, we all win!
The second thing really stuck was a simple idea that most “open source” people miss: If you are not giving back to the open source community you are not open source. You can use open source and scream high praises at the top of your lungs but unless you are actually giving back to the ecosystem you are really not helping the cause.
I had an amazing time in Raleigh and I look forward to going back next year but in the mean time there is work to be done.
Written on October 29, 2013