All Things Open 2013 – Day 1

Let me start by saying job well done to all people involved in making this event happen! WOW it is so good.

Now to the highlights….

Python #FTW

Get git to get the git so you can get the git commits.

Red Hat has only 85% of linux laptop market share….hmmm

Open source is about “we” not “me”

If you are having a bad day then your code is having a bad day.

When is a tree not a tree? When you see it as a system.

You can use your mind to control a skateboard in 28 lines of code…..I checked

Open source lives and dies with the community.

The next great idea is my responsibility….I got this

Drupal 8 looks fierce….but I still am a Joomla! homer

Best line of the Day

“Sex: Everyone is is doing it but no one talks about it but Open source is what no one does but everyone talks about”




Written on October 23, 2013