Enabling TPM for Windows 11 VM in VMware Workstation

Today, October 5th, 2021, Windows 11 was officially released. While there has been much debate and angst about the system requirements to run the newest OS out of Redmond, it is not difficult to setup a VM that meets those requirements. Here we look at the steps need to enable a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) in VMware to take Windows 11 for a test drive.

First, you need to create your VM as you normally would in VMware, taking note that it needs at least 4GB of ram to meet the requirements of Windows 11. Once you have the VM created, you need to edit the settings to get the TPM working.

  • Click on the “Options” tab
  • Click on “Advanced” at the bottom of the left pane
  • On the right side, if “UEFI” is not selected, select that and enable Secure-Boot


  • Go up to “Access-Control” in the left pane.

    Options > Access Control

  • That will open a button in the right pane that says “Encrypt”, click that.

    Options > Access Control > Encrypt

  • Type in a password that will be used to encrypt the VM. You must remember this password. Confirm password.

    Options > Access Control > Encrypt

  • Click “Encrypt”

    Options > Access Control > Encrypt

  • Now, go back to the “Hardware” tab
  • At the bottom find the “Add” button and click it.

    Hadrward > Add

  • In the new window, at the bottom you will find “Trusted Platform Module”, select that and then click “Finish”.

    Hardware > Add

Written on October 5, 2021