April 19th, 2014

I am literally a fraction of who I once was and that is amazing…

“One cannot expect to attain the highest point of excellence without hard work and perseverance.[…] Try to improve to some extent each day and to experience that satisfying pleasure in having conquered what at first seemed to be an impossibility!” - Clarke This is my theme for 2015. No resolutions. Just conquering that which seemed impossible!

I was going to try to write something profound and insightful about today and what it means to me but sometimes simplicity is best.

365 days ago I made a choice to wake up and take control of my life. On that day I started a journey that I never dreamed would happen and am so thankful that it did. This time last year I weighed about 370 pounds and was headed down a path that most likely led to a certain early demise.

One year later I have managed to lose 139.7 pounds, countless inches, and most importantly I lost every excuse I had for not doing something. This journey is still really just getting started despite being a year into it. I am happy! I still have a ways to go but I am closer than I have ever been. Each day brings me one step closer.

What a a difference a year can make!

Here is is redefining the impossible


PS: Thanks for all the fish ;-)

Written on April 19, 2015