January 2015

“One cannot expect to attain the highest point of exellence without hard work and perseverance.[…] Try to improve to some extent each day and to experience that satisfying pleasure in having conquered what at first seemed to be an impossibility!” - Clarke This is my theme for 2015. No resolutions. Just conquering that which seemed impossible!

This post is personal!

So the first month of 2015 is coming to close and what a month it has been! In only 31 days I have:

  • Completed my first 5k

  • Lost another 10 pounds to get to a total of 110 down

  • Went to my first Shmoocon that was amazing

  • Swam my first 2 mile swim…..and 3000m swim

  • Ran my first 2 miles nonstop and didnt die!

  • bought a bike trainer…wow is fun but tiring.

  • Started building a product and service offering to bring sustainability to myself and company

  • Started work on a project with a friend. Going to be challenge but exciting

  • Made new friends and rekindled relationships with old ones

  • And despite sickness and injury on the last day of the month I accomplished a goal that only two weeks earlier I actually conceded…tonight I ran a sub 13 min mile. 12:35 to be exact.

Here is to redefining what is impossible for the next 11 months!

Honestly this is probably a really short list from the last 31 days but just sitting down and looking at it all is simply amazing for me. To know where I was this time last year till now….only way to describe it is amazing!

Written on January 31, 2015